Understeer vs. Oversteer, What’s the Difference?

Understanding performance issues and the terminology involving them is important for all drivers. Our staff at Nissan of Stockton feel it's important to highlight two of these issues below, understeer and oversteer. This will educate drivers and hopefully knowing what causes them, help to avoid having it happen to them in the future.

Understeering occurs when the driver turns and the vehicle does not respond as expected by the driver and proceeds forward instead. This happens most often to front-wheel drive vehicles because the power is applied directly to the front tires, causing them to lose grip and responsiveness to the steering wheel.

Oversteer is a performance issue that happens when you end up turning sharper than was expected by the driver. This is experienced most frequently on rear-wheel drive vehicles due to the power being applied to the rear tires, causing grip loss for them and pushing the rear ahead of the rest of the vehicle.

We hope this knowledge helps you as a driver in the future and is an aid to staying safe on the road. Our staff is excited to answer your questions about vehicle performance and to get you a test drive of any on our lot if you head down to Nissan of Stockton today.



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