Nissan 370Z: Dynamic and Stylish Coupe

Fast, cool and adaptive, the Nissan 370Z is a roadster that's available for test drives at Nissan of Stockton in Stockton, CA. This high-performance vehicle is available in the Nismo edition that's tuned for racing-style handling without sacrificing comfort and utility on the road.

Made of carbon fiber, the 370Z's driveshaft is durable, lightweight and adaptive. This mechanical installation works smoothly with a manual transmission system, which includes the trademark EXEDY clutch for seamless changes in gear ratios. When you engage the gearbox, you'll see the custom settings displayed on an instrument cluster with the SynchroRev Match technology.

Featuring seven gear combinations, a seven-speed auto transmission is optional for this Nissan roadster. Magnesium paddle shifters give you full control of the gearbox. Thanks to a 55/45 weight distribution, the Nissan 370Z maintains its momentum on flat or elevated terrains. Under certain driving conditions, the weight distribution achieves a perfect 50/50 ratio for enhanced stability.

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