The Basics About Timing Belts

Your vehicle's timing belt plays a crucial role in keeping the motor running. In essence, this belt's job is synchronize the rotation of the camshafts. This allows the motor’s valves to open and close at the right times. It also powers the air conditioning system, alternator, power steering pump, and sometimes the water pump.

When the timing belt (or serpentine belt) wears down or breaks there can be serious consequences for your vehicle. In most cases belt failure will prevent the car from running. It’s recommended that the timing belt be changed every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. You should also think about changing it if the surface becomes glazed or damaged or you notice peeling. Screeching or squealing noises might also be warning signs.

It’s important to replace a bad timing belt as soon as possible. If you need to have your belt inspected contact Nissan of Stockton to schedule a service appointment. Nissan of Stockton is ready to help all vehicle owners in Stockton, CA and surrounding areas.

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