Good tires are essential to vehicle safety

Having good tires on your vehicle is essential to your safety while driving. Tires typically last a long time but knowing the signs that they need replacing is crucial.

It is always beneficial to keep an eye on your tire's tread. Tread repels water from your vehicle and helps your tires maintain traction on the roadway, especially during wet weather. If you notice your tires are bald and lack tread, or have profoundly uneven tread, you need to replace your tires. With worn out tires, you risk a sudden blowout, or, in wet weather, hydroplaning. If you see a bubble on your tires, have them replaced. A bubble indicates your tire's internal frame has suffered damage and has cracked. Cracks in your tires allow air pressure to reach the more delicate outer layers of the tire and reduces the tire's integrity.

Tires are essential to safety, to have yours checked out or replaced, call Nissan of Stockton today.

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