Big Differences Between Temporary and Full-Size Spare Tires

Vehicles come standard with different spare tires, but you can always negotiate if you want a compact or full-size tire. With a full-size spare tire, you can drive on it as long as you need. These tires are usually the same size and manufacturer as your other tire, which means that you will not have to worry about any performance loss.

However, if you want to save on money and trunk space, you may want to go with a smaller, compact spare tire for emergencies only. These tires are much smaller and do not add to the weight of your trunk, which can cost more in fuel economy. Donut tires are also easier to lift.

One issue with a compact tire is that they do not last a long time. You typically can find these tires marked with a "T" at tire shops, and they may also be used. If you are looking for a good spare tire, you can find a wide selection at Nissan of Stockton.
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