Nissan Continues to Make Headway With Intelligent Mobility

At last year’s CES, Nissan unveiled its latest initiative to redefine how we drive. Called “Intelligent Mobility,” this philosophy prioritizes a partnership of community and vehicle to make the driving experience smarter, but most of all safer. Although many of its tech seems futuristic and far off, some of it is already available on current models.

Among these features is Around View Monitor, which utilizes cameras and sensors to form a shield of sorts around an equipped vehicle. With a 360-degree camera view from the top down, there are no blind spots, letting you more easily navigate tight spaces. Then there’s other functions, such as blind-spot warning with available intervention, rear cross traffic alert, moving object detection, and intelligent cruise control. All of these systems monitor the road ahead (or behind you) for obstacles, and will either alert you, or step in to mitigate the situation.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video above to get more information on the forthcoming technologies. To learn what models currently offer these systems, contact our Nissan dealership in Stockton, CA.

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